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Why Has PRP Therapy Become So Popular?

Why Has PRP Therapy Become So Popular?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has revolutionized many areas of medicine, helping people heal faster and providing long-term relief for many types of pain. As it’s a relatively new therapy, PRP isn’t as widely understood as other treatments, leaving some people wondering why it’s so popular and whether it might be a good choice for their health needs.

As a top-ranked sports medicine practice in Pompton Plains and Jersey City, New Jersey, Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness is a leading provider of PRP therapy, tailoring treatment to help patients heal and recover quickly and completely. In this post, learn more about PRP therapy, including when it’s used and why it’s so popular.

The science of PRP for injury healing

Platelets are components of your blood that aid in healing. Rich in growth factors and other key proteins, platelets play an important role in tissue regeneration, helping your body recover from an array of injuries, including injuries affecting your musculoskeletal system.

Derived from a sample of your own blood, PRP contains a high concentration of platelets. When reinjected into the site of injury or used during surgery, PRP naturally helps speed healing and recovery.

Treatment begins with a simple blood draw. We place the blood in a special machine that separates the platelets and plasma (the liquid part of the blood) from the rest of your blood, and then we re-inject the PRP into damaged tissues. After your injection, the platelets go to work, stimulating your body’s natural healing responses. 

The many benefits of PRP

That’s how PRP works — but why is it so popular?

It’s natural

Because PRP comes from your own blood, you don’t need to worry about allergic reactions. As part of a holistic approach to healing, PRP can reduce or eliminate the need for long-term use of pain medicine or other drugs.

It’s noninvasive

Unlike surgery, PRP injections are performed in our office on an outpatient basis with no long downtime or recovery. That makes it ideal for people who enjoy a more active lifestyle.

It helps you recover more quickly

Healing is a complex, resource-intensive process, and even though your body is equipped for it, the added demands can prolong your recovery. PRP gives your body the boost it needs to heal more rapidly so you can get back to the activities you love.

It works well with other therapies

PRP injections complement other injury-related treatments, including physical and occupational therapies. PRP can also be used during surgery to speed healing at the surgical site.

It’s very versatile

PRP is used to treat a wide array of injuries, including sports and work injuries like sprains, tendon injuries, and joint discomfort. Its versatility makes it a good choice for many people, including athletes and people who lead active or demanding lifestyles.

Find out more about PRP therapy

PRP therapy offers a lot of benefits, but it’s not always the right choice for everyone. To find out if PRP injections can help you feel better and heal faster, request an appointment online or over the phone with the team at Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness today.

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