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Neck Pain

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Neck pain can cast a long shadow over your life. If you’re tired of living in the shadows, seek help for your neck pain at Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness, with locations in Pompton Plains, and Jersey City, New Jersey. The team at Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness offers comprehensive, personalized solutions, including osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT), physical therapy, and acupuncture. To find out more, call or use the online booking tool today.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain has countless causes. Among the most common of these causes include:

Muscle strain and tension

This type of muscle pain is usually activity-related. It’s easy to strain your neck muscles or cause tension in them, through activities like:

  • Cradling your telephone between your ear and shoulder
  • Sitting at your desk for an extended period of time
  • Bad posture
  • Sleeping in an uncomfortable position
  • Jerking your neck around while exercising


You can develop neck pain after injury, particularly after a fall, sports injury, or automobile accident. Automobile accidents frequently cause whiplash, an injury that occurs after the impact suddenly whips your head around.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of inflammation that swells the joints and causes bone spurs. It can occur in any joint, including those in the neck.

When should I get treatment for my neck pain?

Neck pain is extremely common. The neck, made up of muscles, ligaments, vertebrae, and discs, spends all of its time supporting your head and facilitating its motion. With a job like that, it’s easy for the neck to become stiff or painful.

Neck issues usually resolve within a few days on their own. If your neck pain lasts longer than a week, or if it’s severe, reach out to Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness to get to the bottom of it. 

How can I treat my neck pain holistically?

If you want relief from your neck pain, but you don’t want surgery or prescription medications, Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness offers you a few different options, including:


Osteopathic manipulative treatment, also known as OMT, is a type of treatment that relies on hands-on, physical manipulations of the neck muscles and joints. To relieve pain, your team member performs exercises including stretches, resistance exercises, and pressure application.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy uses stretching and strengthening exercises to alleviate neck stiffness, decrease pain, and improve range of motion. In addition to treating your current pain, during physical therapy, you learn strategies to prevent neck pain in the future, such as improved posture.


Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness also offers acupuncture, a therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine, to relieve neck pain. During an acupuncture session, the team inserts tiny, thin needles into various pressure points around the body.

Don’t let neck pain hold you hostage. To get started on the path back, schedule a consultation at Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness today. Contact the team over the phone or via the online booking tool.