The Benefits of B12 Injections

The Benefits of B12 Injections

Up to 20% of Americans are deficient in vitamin B12, a water-soluble vitamin that plays a major role in staying healthy. Vitamin B12 injections are routinely prescribed to correct B12 deficiency, but they can be used to support health in other ways, too.

At Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness, our team uses vitamin B12 injections to aid in weight loss and to help patients ramp up their metabolism and their natural energy. Here’s how vitamin B12 injections work to support weight loss and overall wellness.

B12 and your health

Also called cobalamin, vitamin B12 plays a critically important role in metabolism, the process your body uses to break down foods into energy it can use for cell development and organ function. In addition, vitamin B12 is important for:

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to anemia, a chronic medical condition that happens when your body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells. Anemia dramatically affects your energy level, and it can cause problems with your nervous system, as well.

We get some vitamin B12 from foods like:

Aside from fortified foods, vitamin B12 is only found in animal products, so if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, you’re much more likely to be deficient in this essential nutrient. Even if you consume animal products, digestion problems can interfere with B12 absorption, leaving you without enough B12 for optimal health.

Benefits of B12 injections

Having enough B12 is essential for normal cell function and red blood cell production. In addition to preventing anemia and the serious health issues it can cause, vitamin B12 injections are often prescribed to support healthy weight loss. 

Vitamin B12 supplementation helps ramp up metabolism so your body uses food and calories more efficiently. Plus, because B12 supports mood stabilization, it may help you stay on your weight loss journey without the ups and downs that can sabotage your efforts. B12 injections are also useful in treating symptoms of chronic fatigue and listlessness.

Injections vs. oral supplements

B12 is available in oral form as part of a multivitamin or as an individual supplement. The problem with oral supplementation is that before B12 can get into your bloodstream and release its benefits to your cells and tissues, it needs to pass through the digestive tract.

The purpose of digestion is to break down what we ingest into smaller particles, typically through mechanical and chemical processes. While digestion is important for supporting nutrient absorption, some digestive disorders can inhibit the process, rendering vitamins ineffective or preventing them from being absorbed.

B12 injections deliver the vitamin directly to your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive tract entirely. That means more of the vitamin is available to your cells and tissues, potentially increasing its benefits.

Learn how B12 injections can help you

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, boost your metabolism, or just feel more energized, vitamin B12 injections could be a good solution to help you achieve optimal wellness. 

To learn more about vitamin B12 injections at our offices in Boonton, Pompton Plains, and Jersey City, New Jersey, book an appointment online or over the phone today with the team at Jersey Integrative Health and Wellness.

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